Coed Varsity Cross Country · Blitz Sports Announces Girls Cross Country Runner Of The Year Nominees

Blitz Sports crew will narrow this pool down to a finalist group of no more than 6. Our official BLITZ Voting Panel will then vote Heisman-style for the winner of the award. Lumpkin County nominees are Abbie Hilchie (PR 21:03; Region 4th (21:03); State 56th (23:28); 1 1st Place Finish; 3 Top-5s; 3 Top-10s; 6 Top-20s) and Caroline Rairigh (PR 20:50; Region 22nd (23:07); State 50th (23:13); 1 Top-10; 5 Top-50s). Congratulations on the nomination ladies. All the nominees may be read here . Go Indians!!! Indian Pride!