Indians News · GHSA Director Hopeful Athletes Could Return In June

Georgia High School Association Executive Director Robin Hines is hopeful athletes could return to activity by mid-June.

Hines was on the Georgia Prep Sports From a Distance webcast on Tuesday discussing the effects of COVID-19 on high school sports and the possible return of activities this summer. He told host IJ Rosenberg, “at some point, people are going to make the decisions that we’re just going to go and open this thing up.” Of course, speaking from his home in Houston County, Hines wants a commonsense approach. “Now we want to do this with the science behind us and reduce the odds of people getting sick,” he said on the podcast. “We certainly want to protect our student-athletes and those with whom they come in contact with.”

He also told Rosenberg that he’s hopeful for “a whatever normal is fall.” “We want to be able to open up at some level throughout the summer, so kids can train and get ready for the season,” he said. “Especially for football because how long do you go without any activity to where it becomes a safety issue within itself?” Although it’s all speculation right now, Hines is hopeful to restart sooner than later.

“It may not be full speed,” he said. “It may be in small groups where we can social distance and do those things so our kids can come to work. Spread the practice out over the entire day. We’re not really sure what it’s going to look like, but that’s what we’re hopeful of, and we’ll be ready to kickoff the Corky Kell.”