Indians News · Breaking: GHSA Votes To Push Back Football Season

According to other reports, GHSA approved a motion to delay the start of the high school football season until September 4 (by two weeks). Practices are however still opening officially on July 27. According to reports, other sports game dates are not impacted by this decision.

Essentially, instead of kicking off the football season on August 21, teams will have to wait until September 4. The vote was unanimous, and does not mean teams lose two games. Rather, they’ll keep a 10-game schedule and a full five-week playoff season.

The 2020 seasons for Volleyball, Softball, Cross Country and Flag Football will start as normal.

Speculation arises as to the motive behind the decision. Many believe that this forces school systems to make their own decisions, thus taking removing themselves from having to make a decision at this point.