Indians News · GHSA Board Of Trustees July 20, 2020 Minutes

NEW BUSINESS: White opened discussion on fall sports and called upon Walton parent Amy Henry, who had asked to address the board. Henry talked about the importance of sports to kids in high school and how the benefits of playing sports outweighed the risks associated with Covid 19. Craft spoke next, saying that it was clear that almost everybody wanted to play the fall schedule, but mentioning that a push-back of two weeks might be best for several school systems. Jewell agreed, adding that the Atlanta Public School System might be the first district to cancel fall sports completely if the football season is not pushed back two weeks. Petroski pointed out that pushing the football season two weeks later would impact winter sports at smaller schools, which depend more on multi-sport athletes than do some larger schools. Much discussion followed, with every member of the BOT speaking about subjects ranging from how positive tests would be handled during the season to whether or not all fall sports would be pushed back or just football. Crews then made a motion (seconded by Masters) to stay with the current GHSA calendar. The motion failed 8-4 with Turner, Craft, May, Jewell, Finch, Mitchell, White and Miller voting “no.” Following more discussion, White made a motion to move the start of football competition back two weeks. Turner seconded the motion and a voice vote to approve the measure was unanimous. White then confirmed that the football conditioning would remain as scheduled (July 27), but the first week games could be played would be the week of September 4 instead of August 21. He further affirmed that there would still be a 10-game regular season followed by five rounds of playoffs in football. All other GHSA fall sports will remain as scheduled on the current GHSA calendar. Motion was made by Craft, seconded by Crews, and unanimously approved to go into Executive Session to discuss personnel matters. Motion by White, second by Crews, to adjourn the meeting. MOTION Passed (unanimously)